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A Wretched Victory (Innocents At War 6)

Wretched Victory: Innocents At War

War is a tragedy for everyone involved, but it is especially devastating for children. In many parts of the world, children are being recruited as soldiers, often against their will. These child soldiers are forced to endure...

Tim Reed profile pictureTim Reed6 min read
Peking Nightmares (The Earl S Other Son 4)

Peking Nightmares: The Earl's Other Son

A Gripping Mystery Novel That Will Haunt Your Nights Prepare to be captivated by Peking Nightmares: The Earl's Other Son, a masterful mystery novel that weaves a tapestry of suspense, intrigue, and unexpected...

Milan Kundera profile pictureMilan Kundera5 min read
Bursting Balloons (Innocents At War 5)

Bursting Balloons: The Innocence Lost in War

In the face of war's relentless onslaught, childhood's innocence becomes a fragile whisper, easily extinguished by the deafening roar of battle. The lives of children, once filled with laughter and dreams, are shattered in an...

Roberto Bola帽o profile pictureRoberto Bola帽o5 min read
The Man From Bere (The Call Of The Sea 1)

The Man from Bern: The Call of the Sea

A Literary Journey into the Depths of Human Experience The Man from Bern: The Call of the Sea, a literary masterpiece by Alfred de Musset, invites readers on an extraordinary odyssey that...

Marc Foster profile pictureMarc Foster5 min read
Dark Days Of Summer (Innocents At War 4)

Dark Days of Summer: Innocents Lost in War

The summer of 1942 was a dark time for Europe. The war was raging across the continent, and civilians were being caught in the crossfire. In the Soviet Union, the Nazis had launched a massive invasion, and the fighting was fierce. Millions...

Will Ward profile pictureWill Ward5 min read
Far Foreign (The Duty And Destiny 9)

Far Foreign: The Duty and Destiny of Mankind

In the tapestry of history, the concept of duty and destiny has intertwined with the human experience, shaping the course of civilizations and defining the aspirations of individuals. The idea that we have a moral obligation to others and a...

Dennis Hayes profile pictureDennis Hayes6 min read
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Count Dracula CFO: An Entertaining Plain Language Explanation Of Corporate Finance Concepts And Strategies
Steve Carter profile pictureSteve Carter

An Entertaining Plain Language Explanation Of Corporate...

Corporate finance is the management of the...

4 min read
Best Easy Day Hikes Las Vegas (Best Easy Day Hikes Series)
Anton Chekhov profile pictureAnton Chekhov

Best Easy Day Hikes Las Vegas: Exploring Nature's Hidden...

Amidst the vibrant lights and bustling...

5 min read
Magic Box: The Best Recipe For A Magical Playtime
Rodney Parker profile pictureRodney Parker
6 min read
Student Instrumental Course: Alto Saxophone Student Level 3
Clinton Reed profile pictureClinton Reed
5 min read
Oh My Goddess Volume 8 Kosuke Fujishima
William Golding profile pictureWilliam Golding
6 min read

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